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Book – A Year With Symfony


I spend most of my time reading the Symfony2 documentation, and chatting on the IRC channel and a couple of blogs every now and then. The one blog I like which offers a lot of insights into symfony has to be PHP & Symfony by Matthias Noback. He is always explaining the inner workings of Symfony2 and contributes to the original documentation.

The reason why I am mentioning this, it has do to with his new book called “A year of symfony“. It is a very good read for any Symfony2 developer and it covers the framework from the ground up. I downloaded the sample chapter one night and had my company buy the book the following day, it’s that good. Beware, it’s not a book for people new to symfony but a book for those already using symfony and want to improve their understand of the framework while writing beautiful releasable code.

What I have learnt from the book,

  • The kernel processes (from request to response – all the steps)
  • Event Listeners / Event Handlers
  • The Bundle code (Stop generating the bundle and build it manual, only add files you need)
  • Security of the application

I have had to change the way I code in symfony now for the better thanks to the guidelines the book provided, If you get a chance I recommend you get yourself a copy and also get your development team to get one also.

Thanks for reading, Bye.