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Late last year I got a beta invite to use SensioLabs code analysis tool called Insight , However I did not have much time then, so I added it on my list of tools to check this year.

Fortunately I had some time to spare this month, So I created an account on Insight and registered a public project and did the analysis. The results of the analysis were both great and detailed enough to understand the possible Major and Minor bugs I had on my little application.

How does the tool work?

  • SensioLabs has come up with best practices standards which are recommended for Symfony projects, Your code gets checked against these best practices to make sure you do not deploy a security vulnerable system on production.
  • They detect dead / deprecated code.
  • They look at possible performance bottlenecks.
  • Commented code as well as ‘fixme’ comments
  • Git integration (I tested it with github)
  • Team collaborations (Business plan)
  • read more

SensioLabs offers a combination of packages, which covers just about every scenario from open source projects to big business( private projects). Check out the pricing plan.

This is a great tool to have for Symfony projects and will help big teams as well small teams to deal with bug risk code whilst still in development. I have not tried the paid plan yet but what I got from the free open source plan is worth raving about. It can only get better and hopefully they can lower the entry price from 60 to 30 euros for micro(Individual plan)  which I would definitely find viable.



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